Bookish art by Jeri Landers

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my mom presented me with a gift: a bookmark hand-made by a local artist. My mother frequents arts and crafts shows and she often comes away with something for me, which I greatly appreciate. It’s such a unique gift, unlike any bookmark I’ve seen, and I love it. (I’m actually planning on framing it somehow because it’s too cute to not be on display.)

 Jeri Landers (  is the artist and she does Old World style art illustrations for children’s books, Scherenschnitte and painted paper cutting, and whimsical greeting cards. Most of her art features farm animals and has a distinctly old-timey feel to it. I especially adore the Scherenschnitte, which is the German word for scissors snipping or paper cutting. Here are some gorgeous examples from her website:

artwork by Jeri Landers

artwork by Jeri Landers

She also has photos of her beautiful gardens and renovated old home, complete with her wonderfully earthy, vintage decorations. As if this weren’t enough, I fell head over heels for her blog, Hopalong Hollow Gazette! Whimsy abounds here, with stories about the animals on her farm and fantastic photos to make you literally want to hop on over to her farm and just live amongst all the amazing creatures. This is the type of place I dream about! There are photos of some of the animals wearing bonnets…words cannot express my love for this…

Mavis Mudd - photo by Jeri Landers

Beatrix - photo by Jeri Landers

And for all of my fellow Outlander fans out there, she talks about her Scottish ancestry and many of her animals have Scottish names! (I’m getting a Fraser’s Ridge vibe, aren’t you?)

I just adore her unique artwork and the playfulness of her blog and wanted to share it with you. Please stop by her website and blog, they will surely bring a smile to your face :)