About me

I’m a twenty-something biologist who loves to read, sew, bake, write, decorate and be crafty. I like whimsical, historical, paranormal, and romantical in a variety of shapes and forms. I am wife to a wildlife ecologist who gets to study bats, salamanders and snakes, and mother to two very naughty puppies named Ruby and Levi. Oh, and I’m sort of obsessed with the Outlander series.

I created this blog in the midst of a quarter life crisis as an outlet for chronicling and discussing books, but I am very happy and proud to see that it’s evolving into so much more. I welcome and encourage comments and only ask that they be friendly, polite, or at least civil. Thank you for stopping by!

You can contact me at: bluemoonmagnolia@gmail.com

24 comments on “About me

  1. Hey! Really, really, really like your blog here!
    I’ve been exploring a little bit – especially the pages related to Outlander (fellow fanatic fan, here). I am impressed with the costumes you’ve done – you have a huge talent. By the way – I’m a biologist too!!! And I’m married to a fisheries biologist!!! I teach at the local high school and he works for the state of Alabama, studying fish populations and working to improve them…
    Wow! We have a lot in common!
    :) Christie

    • Oh my gosh, that is so crazy! I currently work for a private company, but I’ve been contemplating a career change and seriously considering teaching! And we’re in Tennessee, so I guess we’re both southern gals! I’ve been enjoying reading your novel and I really love the idea of your blog. I like to write too, but my stuff is nowhere near as polished as yours!
      I’m glad you enjoyed my Outlander posts, it’s always good to know that I’m not alone in my fanaticism for Mr. Fraser :) Yay for new blogging friends!

  2. viviane says:

    I just love it, love your site. Your trip to North Carolina is a classic story. I also went to Asheville in July and was just thinking all the time about my lovely Jamie.
    My daughter (11) always makes fun of me. “Mom, where is little Jamie?”
    The other day my 15 year old horrible teen was more than the usual horrible and I couldn’t help but scream aloud:”where is Jamie when I need him?” (Which made me think of the time that Claire was lying down on the stones in Drumms of A waiting for Jamie, and he was taking soooo long, that she started by herself…)
    It is good to know that there are intelligent creatures out there in this vast universe that are also crazy about Jamie!

    • Oh, that is too funny that your daughter calls him “little Jamie!” I think we all have those moments where we need to get away from the real world and get back to Fraser’s Ridge ;)

  3. viviane says:

    Since you are in Georgia (I live in Athens) I saw this show announced in the town of Bishop: Traditional Scottish singer Jim Malcom returning to the Portico in November. I read about him and he is like the scottish James Taylor.
    Thought you would like to hear some verra real Gaelic!


  4. Joan says:

    Stumbled upon your blog thru D.G.’s website and absolutely love it! I thought I was the only one who had a crush both on Jamie Fraser and Alexander Skarsgard at the same time!

    I can’t stop reading the Outlander series over and over. Going to read Lord John next….

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! You have such a pretty site here. I’ll be sure to lurk around. :)

  6. Liz says:

    Hello fellow Outlander lover!I discovered Diana G several years ago and can barely contain myself while she writes her new books. I am also a huge Sookie fan and loved the Twilight books. Might I suggest a series to get you through the wait for book 8? Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth series. One of my many re-reads =)

    • Hi Liz! I always welcome book recommendations (and I get super excited when they come from fellow Outlander fans), so thank you! I have heard good things about this series and I will definitely check it out. Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  7. viviane says:

    HI! I just saw a book recommendation and couldn’t help but to suggest “Inez of My Soul”by Isabel Allende. It is a TRUE unbelievable love story that happens in the 1500’s. This woman is something like a “Super-Claire”. She lived through incredible hardship to be with her lover. She went against prejudices against women, she fought with her man in wars, she healed people, she colonized a country. The author based the story in real research and real letters left by the characters. I enjoyed it so much that I read it in Portuguese and again in English. True historical romance.

    • Hi Viviane! Wow, it sounds amazing and I’ve added it to my TBR pile! I love books with strong female characters and they’re even better when based on a true story. Thanks for the recommendation :)

  8. Marsha says:

    Hi- You are such a great writer! I am a new fan. I read Outlander in January, and then, of course, every other book in the series as soon as I could! I am now re-reading Outlander. I have never written a response to a blog, but I am OBSESSED, and I had to reach out to someone whom might get it! Why do I feel this way? I think about it all the time. I do feel like I have a school girl crush (I’m 50, married with three kids!) and I can’t shake it! I agree on so many fronts with your re-read comments. I feel much better about Frank the second time around. And, I love being able to take my time, rather than breathlessly rushing through to see what happens next. Thanks for writing a great blog.

    • Hello Marsha! I know all about the Outlander newbie obsession…and I can tell you that there is no end in sight! I’ve had it for a year and 3 months so far and it’s still going strong ;) You are lucky to have found an outlet so early in the game, I had to suffer for like 5 months before I found the online community!! Have you checked out Outlandish Observations, MOP, and the Outlander Book Club? If not, you will be in Outlander fanatic heaven – you are definitely not alone :)
      Thanks so much for the kind words and I am very happy that you stopped by! Feel free to comment anytime :) Bri

  9. Adlyn says:

    Hello! I am so glad that I finally checked out this lovely and moving blog. I also insanely love Everything Outlander and found this blog through DG’s home page. Your book reviews are insightful and intriguing, and I am very excited to run downstairs to my high school library (I teach upstairs…you seem as though you would be an incredible teacher!) and pluck a copy of the Civil War novel about Bushrod and Anna. Thanks for the recommendation; I love having an insider dish on novels. There is SOMEthing about the Civil War. A quiet, lingering but very engulfing sadness that just permeates the old battlefields, and you experience an almost out-of-body sensation. A presence is still there, somehow.

    Anyway, thank you for your words and I will check out your reviews often! :)

    • Hi Adlyn! Thank you so much for the kind words. I know exactly what you mean about the Civil War, there is a draw that is hard to put into words. The Black Flower is one of my favorite novels and I recently ordered the other 2 in that series and should receive them any day now. You should let me know what you think about it.
      Thank you also for the encouraging words about teaching – I may be venturing into that career very soon, but I constantly second guess my ability…so that was nice to hear :) I’m so glad that you stopped by!

  10. Lisajane says:

    I just found your blog tonight from Diana’s site. You’ve managed to capture my (and thousands of others I’m sure) feelings about the Outlander series to a T. I’m on my third read-through. I received a Nook reader for Christmas and at first I thought I wouldn’t care for it, being an English teacher and avid reader. But…you can read in complete darkness with the Nook…add that to Outlander and you suddenly become alone in the Scottish Highlands with Jamie and Claire. It’s absolutely mesmerizing.
    Good job on this website! I’m a fan!!

    • Hi Lisajane!
      Thank you for the nice words :) I have turned my nose up at the idea of a Nook/Kindle since they first appeared because I love books (the smell, the feel, BOOKMARKS!), but it never even dawned on me that you can read it in complete darkness…that sounds like quite a luxury compared to my dinky little book light. Hmm, perhaps I was a bit rash…
      I’m so glad that you stopped by and I hope to hear from you again!

  11. Paige Turner says:

    Hello–not much of a blog browser, but stumbled upon your per DG’s site. It’s lovely! I am so impressed with your creativity. I will revisit often to vicariously enjoy your life! I share your passions but never seem to find time to indulge. I too am a die hard Outlander Fan. And while I own all the books and read occasionally I am totally addicted to the audio versions read so beautifully by Divina Porter? Have you explored them? I just plug in the earbuds and join them on their travels… :-)

  12. Paige Turner says:

    Where in TN do you live, if you don’t mind sharing? Or maybe asking is counter to blog-etiquette. Forgive my ignorance. I spent some time in that state myself and it’s my favorite. I loved your snowy fields photos. The more I read your past entries the more I enjoy–
    Thanks again for sharing your joys.

    Have you read “Her Fearful Symmetry” by Audrey Niffenegger? Would love to read your review.

    • Hi Paige! I’ve listened to Outlander on audiobook (and loved it), and have DIA on my Zune but haven’t found the time for it yet. I agree that Davina is a fantastic narrator. The snow photos were taken in East TN near the Cherokee National Forest, but we’re currently Nashvillians :) What part of TN did you live in?
      I have not read “Her Fearful Symmetry,” but it is definitely on my TBR list! I absolutely adored “The Time Traveler’s Wife” even though it made me ball like a baby for days.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

      • Paige Turner says:

        Nashville, too — my husband and I were students at Vandy in the 70’s (oops, now you know I’m old enough to be your mother). We get back occasionally to see friends. I love that city!

        Symmetry is the mirror image of Time Traveler. It’s a book whose image I cannot shake. I have to read it again, slowly this time to absorb all the fascinating complexity.

        Thanks for your reply and for your charming blog.

  13. Christiane KYPREOS says:

    Hello ! I came across your blog through D.G’s website. Your blog is great. I have been an “Outlander” addict since 2001 ! DG’s books have become my constant companions. The characters feel like my friends and family. I’m waiting on pins and needles over the release of book 8…I have never enjoyed re-reading a series as much as the 1st time till now. DG has got fans all over the world, that’s amazing. I’m from France/Spain and live in Greece in the summer. Take care. Christiane

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