Chris Hemsworth as Jamie Fraser?

For quite some time now, I’ve been getting lots and lots of comments and e-mails from people who feel strongly that Chris Hemsworth (from this summer’s Thor) should play Jamie Fraser in the Outlander movie. I heard about Thor for almost a year prior to its release because of a coworker who has a lifelong obsession with the comic; and after the movie came out, I heard all about how (both he and) his wife were dumbstruck by Mr. Hemsworth’s incredible physique. And last month when Jessica came up for a visit, she proudly declared that she had a genius casting idea for Jamie. Yep, it was Chris. (She was shocked to discover that she wasn’t the first to suggest this.)

I had every intention of seeing the movie and ogling over potential Jamie Fraser material, but for whatever reason, it just never happened. I ended up doing some half-arsed google image searches for “Chris Hemsworth in Thor” and I never found any pictures that impressed me. He definitely has a nice body, but it seemed a little too bulky to fit my mental ideal of Jamie, and I didn’t think his face was particularly handsome. And I wasn’t digging the bleached blonde hair.

Finally, just a few days ago, I watched Thor. By the end of the film, I had admittedly warmed up to him, but I was still pretty “meh” about it all. That having been said…(and before you Hemsworth fans start typing up the hate mail…) I discovered something today that has turned me around. (I know, I know, that was fast!) I stumbled upon the official trailer for the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman movie – which looks very intriguing – but more to the point of this post, it shows Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman. And he looks good. Good enough to be Jamie. There, I said it! My husband is making fun of me at this very moment, but I am excited.

The simple change in hair color makes his face look so much less…rough. And switch out the superhero cape for some rugged, medieval-inspired clothes, and I’m pretty much convinced. I think the transition to kilt would be seamless.

Since I have yet to figure out how to post a video, here is the link to the movie trailer. And here are some pics. What do you think?! Are you proud of me for finally seeing the light?! ;)


10 comments on “Chris Hemsworth as Jamie Fraser?

  1. Cynthia Hemme says:

    OK…now I am totally on board as well. I thought he was nice-looking in Thor, but couldn’t see him as Jamie. In these pics for Snow White and the Huntsman…I absolutely can…nod, nod.

  2. I just remembered why I signed up for your blog. A fellow Outlander fan/writer! Oh, Jamie. Thor had too full a face to me, and I hated the blond beard (though his character had a bit of edge and dash to it)
    This photos have me sold, because his face looks more angular which Jamie’s is, and hair color is easy.
    Can I just say…there’s nothing quite like the Voyager series out there? I’m almost scared for them to make a movie. It could be so…Harry Potter-ized, and ruined!

  3. LaLee says:

    He’s been my favorite choice from the beginning. The Huntsman strongly reinforces how I feel about it! Oh and I looooovvvveeed Thor. We have it on blue ray for regular viewing!

  4. JustHeather says:

    Ooh, I haven’t seen this one before. Chris is a decent candidate for Jamie. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Julie L. says:

    I considered him when I saw Thor, but there was something about him that wasn’t right. Then I heard “herself” (Diana G.) thought he had a “pug face” whatever that means. I can’t put my finger on it why he wouldn’t work as a Jamie, but these pictures portray him in a better light. Still, there’s still something off – nice try, though. :D

  6. Marilyn says:

    Y’know…I went about the whole Jamie/Chris thing back’ards…that is, while reading Outlander, I conjured up this “image” in my mind of what Jamie looked like…(much like all the rest of you did) but never knew about Chris Hemsworth…so when I saw Mr. Hemsworth…well, it was Jamie coming to life for me – literally- – I was in love with him… but still I’d never seen him act. I saw “Thor” eventually and was grossly disappointed..not only in the Movie itself but in C.H’s portrayal of the Thor Character (maybe I had built C.H. up so high he had nowhere else to go but down)…I just found the whole Movie lacking (yet forgiving C.H. at the same time as he’s merely following a Directors’ command). Yet I cannot get C.H. outta my head for the perfect Jamie role….for me, he just IS Jamie and I cannot escape it.

    ..glad to see so many others climbing on board.

  7. Carla says:

    Naw…..Hemsworth sports a coarse face (too wide, not long enough, and too craggy for YOUNG Jamie) and his body type now is too heavy for a lithe, slender, young Jamie. Thought this was hashed out previously?

    Sorry, cousin Toby and Bree…..your visions are compromised. Julie L……you are spot on.

    I like Hemsworth and his voice, but Jamie is NOT his role!

  8. I totally thought he could play Jamie after I saw Thor… there are several awesome actors who would do nicely– but Chris is great because he has tons of personality–can be funny and goofy like Jamie and also hard core and scary when battling. Also he isn’t too pretty– which is good.

  9. Debbie B. says:

    Chris is my vote for Jamie. Plus he’s 6’4, if Claire is a tall women then Jamie has to be very tall. I’ve always pictured a young Niam Leeson as Jamie. Not too pretty, but handsome. Nice call on this one.

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