11 comments on “Out with the old…

  1. Carolyn Cameron says:

    Just checked your blog and so glad to see your news. Hoping for the very best. Many prayers and love coming your way. Carolyn C.

  2. Marita says:

    That`s so good!!!!! Best wishes to both of you from Norway!!! Marita.

  3. Cynthia Hemme says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  4. Carla says:

    Sent the two of you a wee something to entertain yourselves when you BOTH return home. No matter how tempted you might be, wait for him! oooo…..Carla

  5. Christie Haffner says:

    Thinking about you while I was carving my punkins today… memba dat one ye did last year?? ooo… I sure do! But, hey – you got more important things on your mind this year than Jamie Fraser’s butt!! Anyway, keeping you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers!


  6. Carol says:

    Just wanted to let you know we are sending you happy vibes from My Outlander Purgatory!

    My family has been through the transplant process (my husband donated a kidney to his brother) and it is truly a magical thing. God bless you both.

    Our thoughts and prayers (and positive vibes) are with you guys.

    And Happy Halloween!
    PS – My kids caught a glimpse of your Jamie Fraser pumpkin the other day before I could close the website and laughed their “butts” off. Pun intended. :)

  7. Tracey R. says:

    Good vibes coming your way!!! Happy Halloween to you guys!!

    –Tracey :-)

  8. JamieGirl says:

    Just wanted to throw you some good vibes back your way after reading your blog last August.

    I stumbled upon your site while I was first reading Outlander (completely unaware of the Diana Gabaldon universe and all things Claire/Jamie) and finding myself falling “in love” with a certain Highlander… Your words washed right over me; I’ll never forget your post!

    I have become a fan and a regular of MOP and it was those gals that led me back to you; I had to send you some of my best good vibes!

    I pray your husband’s recovery will be smooth and uneventful. Take of yourself, too!

  9. Marjo says:

    Sending my healing energy to your husband. I wish both of you will have all the happiness, love and health and that he will be safe and back to normal asap. Thinking of you. Thanks for the blog you’ve done, it’s been great to follow you. x :)

  10. Klaudia says:

    Sending lots of positive, healing vibes your way!

  11. Thank you all for the wonderful words of encouragement and support! I am so happy to report that he is doing very well, fingers crossed that it continues to go so well!

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