My garden is now bookish

This is very random, but I have a cluster of black tulips in my garden and they are just too pretty not to share.

And then we went shopping for a few birthday gifts, and I totally lucked out when I found this gnome READING A BOOK! Again, too good not to share :)


15 comments on “My garden is now bookish

  1. Sophia says:

    Black tulips and a reading gnome. You have the makings of a truly wondrous garden.

  2. Bridget says:

    I also have a lone black tulip in my flower bed, too weird! I’ve been imagining someone with a sense of humor at the flower place mixing in one black bulb with the red ones, lol. Cutie patootie gnome! He’s perfect for your garden!

  3. Marita says:

    How wonderful! Both the flowers and the gnome – in norwegian we call him “nisse” :-) In my garden it`s a lot of snow, but I`ve started making small flowers inside, waiting for the spring to come :-)

  4. Carla says:

    Lovely tulip!

    However, every time you flash a gnome, I am reminded of 1997’s “The Full Monty” and what happens to Tom Wilkerson’s character’s garden gnome. Seen that or 2011’s “Gnomeo and Juliet” with Gnomeo voiced by your FAV James McAvoy?

    As well, whenever the Travelocity gnome intrudes on my TV viewing, I am reminded by your…thus far…inexplicable draw to these creatures. Aside from my deceased mother-in-law who was old enough to be my grandmother, you are the ONLY person of my acquaintance in thrall.

    How did you fall into the grip of this ’70s craze anyhow?

    • Ha! I have not seen either of those movies, I will catch “Gnomeo” when it comes out on DVD but I was very disappointed to hear that McAvoy didn’t speak with his native Scots accent – that would’ve been AWESOME ;)
      I have no idea when I fell in love with gnomes…it was a looong time ago! “The Sonny and Cher show” was my favorite when I was a little kid (watched re-runs on TV Land), so maybe it all began there? (I actually got Cher’s early haircut – with the bangs – when I was in middle school!) My mom has ALWAYS said I was born in the wrong decade…:)

      • Carla says:

        Well… DO exhibit traces of a late ’60s through ’70s persona…..most especially with your audio and visual and tactile arts leanings.

        Still…..doesn’t follow necessarily that you’d be smitten by those odious creatures!

  5. @Sophia – I hope so! :)

    @Bridget – I accidently wrote “lone” during my initial post…have since corrected it with “cluster” since it’s actually 3 tulips, but anyhoo, I actually bought the bulbs with the intent to put the black ones around the mailbox…but they got mixed into the bag with the other bulbs and then we had no idea which were black, so they were randomly planted. But they werent’t clustered together like that when we planted them, my feline arch-nemesis dug up/rearragned all the bulbs in that garden and they oddly ended up in this configuration!

  6. She says:

    Are you going for a Dumas shout out with the black tulip? Because if so, you’re awesome. ;p

  7. Rachel says:

    When are we going to hang out? Also, I own the Full Monty…and the sound track we could get together and have some fun! My mother buys me gnomes because gnomes make me smile. Kinda like pink flamingos…those just crack me up. I have finished the herb garden and I am awaiting my lavender and Thai Holy Basil to come in the mail…so excited!

    Well I am going to go into work. Booo!!!

    • As we’ve discussed, your mom and I could be best friends :) I attempted to buy a pink flamingo just the other day and hubs threw a hissy fit. He said he draws the line at pink flamingos in the yard.

  8. crytallblues says:

    Even though Arbor Day was a total bust yesterday because of the horrid weather, I wish you could have stopped by because the Parks Department had a Gnome finding hunt.

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