I painted a peacock!

This weekend I finally got to hang out with my dear friend Crystal, at which time we painted peacocks and drank beer. It was fantastic.

I think I’ll hang it in my kitchen. Most of my friends and family refer to my taste in home decor as “unique,” “unusual,” or “eccentric,” and I doubt this will do anything to change that ;)

7 comments on “I painted a peacock!

  1. Angela says:

    It’s perfect! The color scheme does remind me of you too!

  2. Carla says:

    Found your photo above on my Facebook account a few minutes ago–among “News Feed” items.

    So…..why did so many artist aspirants paint the same bird?????

    Would such a “kitchen” mascot suggest a message about the cook/chef? Do tell!

    • It was a huge painting lesson and the theme for the night was peacocks, thus we all painted peacocks! A bit crowded and not really enough time to relax with a beer, but a lot of fun nonetheless.
      And no, the kitchen placement isn’t suggestive of any hidden meaning… but it will be hung next to my Colorado souvenir painting of Ruby and Levi drinking whiskey :)

  3. Bridget says:

    very cute! and sure to inspire conversation :)

  4. Thanks, Angela and Bridget!

  5. ira lee says:

    i wanted to tell you about an event thats happening here in arkansas. its not realted to peacock paintings, which btw are fabulous! lyon college does a scottish festival every year, this year being # 32. anywho- there are 3 of us at our office that read the outlander series and we are going to the festival this year (mainly bc admission is free this year!). we plan on pretending we are from the clan fraser!!! heres the link if your really really bored and want to look.


    • I wish I could go! I don’t think any Outlander fan in their right minds could pass up a free Scottish Festival! ;) I’ve only been to one and it was so much fun, you will have a blast. Naturally, you should be on the lookout for tall red headed men in kilts, and if you should be so lucky as to find this elusive creature, please TAKE PICTURES and send them my way! Thanks for sharing and let me know how it went :)

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