Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival

One of my best friends from college, Carla Rhodes (not to be confused with my blog buddy Carla, whom you’ll know from comments on this site), will be performing at the Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival next week! While I’m super jealous that she’s getting to go to Scotland, I’m also super proud and happy for her! She’s a fantastic performer with a very unique act: ventriloquism, comedy, and rock and roll all in one. If any of you will be in Scotland on March 19 at 8:30, you should totally go see her :)

 As a side note, I’ve instructed her to look for sexy red-headed men in kilts, take pictures and send them my way. (I’m cautiously optimistic; when Rachel was living in New Zealand, she had a Kiwi friend with long red hair – who supposedly did an amazing Scottish accent – and I repeatedly asked her to dress him up in a kilt and send me pics…but apparently she never got around to it.) Is that a weird thing to ask of someone? I dunno, but I’ve got my fingers crossed ;)

Check her out at and see her interview (with her puppet, Cecil) for the Glasgow International Comedy Festival blog here.

2 comments on “Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival

  1. Carla says:

    Hooray for the “other” Carla! Wish I could catch her act in NYC when she returns. She’s hilarious!

    Remember that I did suggest to her that she consider creating an “Outlander” puppet show as so much of the novel might easily lend itself to comic mockery!… disrespect intended, of course.

    • After experiencing the country and hearing the accents, perhaps she will be inspired to create an Outlander themed puppet show…we can only hope ;) I think Diana G would embrace the idea!

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