The Thistle and Shamrock Radio Show

As I’ve said before, I’m a slave to the NPR and probably wouldn’t make it through a workday without it. Even though I listen to it for a good 40 hours a week, I was pleasantly surprised today to discover a new (to me!) radio show called the Thistle and Shamrock. Good ol NPR, now you too will help foster my obsession with all things Outlander.

Here’s the description from the home page:

One of NPR‘s most popular music programs is created in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands. When you turn your radio on, you’re there too. On The Thistle & Shamrock®, award-winning radio host Fiona Ritchie explores evolving music from Celtic roots in Europe and North America. You’ll hear well-established and newly emerging recording artists along with in-studio guests, all surveying familiar territory and leading you to more distant landscapes and genres…Thistle is your weekly bridge between the established architects of Celtic roots music and the rising generation of musicians.

If you’re interested in Celtic music, you should go to and check the list of streaming stations to find one near you, or you can listen to the latest shows on the website or download podcasts. I was excited to stumble upon this show and thought I’d pass it along :)

4 comments on “The Thistle and Shamrock Radio Show

  1. Angela says:

    I also love NPR and almost miss my long commute to work because I barely get to listen any more because mostly I just have time when in the car.

  2. Carla says:

    That is a pleasant program. I stumbled into it while commuting every other weekend between Dallas and Austin for two years–three hours of listening opportunity in each direction. Glad you enjoy it, too.

  3. Rachel says:

    Lady, I have been listening to this show since I was very wee. Fiona Richie is the reason if I ever had a kid and the kid was a girl I wanted to name the child after that woman.

    Pretty sad I know. GD says hi and is still trying to figure out a way to eat the bluebirds. He has plans.

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