Casting Jamie Fraser in the Outlander Movie

The Outlander Movie. Will this mythical creature that we’ve been hearing about for so long ever actually come to fruition? Or will it forever remain a phantom rumor mill floating about the interwebs, spawning YouTube fan videos until the end of time? From what I’ve gathered, Ann Peacock (screenwriter for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Nights in Rodanthe) is currently writing the screenplay and nothing else is set in stone. 

I’ll be honest, I don’t think it’s ever going to happen, and that may be a good thing. I just don’t believe it is possible to convert this 800-some page novel into a quality 2 hour movie. I would much rather see it made into an HBO or Showtime series, with an entire season devoted to each book. That way, there would be plenty of time for character development and room for all those niggly little details that people like myself are surely to look for.

Yep, I’m one of those obnoxious people who craves a literal book-to-movie translation. I realize that the logistics of such a feat are nearly impossible, but I can’t help it; I want to hear the actors quoting directly from the book and I look for costumes and locations to be spot-on. Of course, that rarely happens and I usually end up driving my husband or fellow viewers crazy with constant jeers of “What?! That did NOT happen in the book!!” or “Arrrgg?! NO! He doesn’t do that in the book!”(You should hear me when we watch True Blood. And Twilight drove me absolutely batty.)

I realize that a movie is an interpretation of a book, and that most people don’t want to see the exact same thing on-screen as they saw in the book, because “where’s the fun in that?” as my husband would say. I can understand such logic and despite my complaints, nine times out of ten, I’m usually able to get past my prejudices and still enjoy the movie or TV show (True Blood, for example).

If I’m honest with myself, however short of my expectations the movie may fall (assuming it gets made), I will be powerless to the draw of seeing the embodiment of my favorite characters on the big screen. I will probably do a lot of criticizing and complaining, but I will not have the willpower to restrain myself from seeing it. (I saw Twilight three times in the theater…I claimed I didn’t like it, but clearly there was some discrepancy between my words and my actions…). Resistance will be futile. And doubtless, there will be girlie squeals. 

Now, onto casting. (Keep in mind that I do this all in good fun.) You all know that I love Alexander Skarsgard as Jamie Fraser, but he’s really too old to play the young Jamie from book 1. My mental images of the characters have actually grown and changed as the books have progressed, so I now find it a little odd to think about Jamie as a 23-year-old, since he’s currently 50-something in my mind. Also, of course, no actual person in existence looks like Jamie Fraser. No one could possibly live up to such a namesake! I think The Lit Connection summed up this conundrum perfectly when she said “If I ever set eyes on Jamie Fraser in real life, I think I’ll go blind…much like someone will go blind staring at the sun.”

Okay, that having been said, I have a possible casting idea for 23-year-old Jamie a la Outlander: Ben Barnes.

I must give my friend Carla credit for this idea; and when she brought it to my attention several months ago, I didn’t see it. Granted, I thought he was very attractive, but I just couldn’t see him as Jamie. She recommended that I watch the movie Dorian Gray, in which he plays the lead role, since it was the movie that first gave her the idea that he could play the part. I finally got around to watching Dorian Gray a few weeks ago, and I’ve got to say, it turned me around too.

Here is Ben’s credentials: He played Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia, so he knows how to wield a sword and ride a horse. He’s British, speaks moderate French, and has mastered the Scots accent. Physically, he’s got the slanted “cat eyes” that are so characteristic of Mr. Fraser and he looks good with long hair. One of the sex scenes in Dorian Gray leads me to believe that he could easily pull off a kilt.

Now, he obviously doesn’t have the correct coloration, but I’ve seen poorly photoshopped pics of him with blond hair and blue eyes – and it works – so I think a darker shade of red would look great on him. (Although I do think it a shame to change his natural eye color because those dark, smoldering eyes are so verra nice as is…) He is long and lean, but would definitely need to hit the gym to add some muscle since he’s quite thin. Remember, Diana G has said that Jamie is built like a basketball player, not a football player.

I have only seen the first Narnia and don’t recall Mr. Barnes, (I only remember my bitter disappointment that James McAvoy was playing the goat-man) but he’s inspired me to watch the entire series soon. In Dorian Gray, however, Ben Barnes carries the film and is flat-out gorgeous in every scene. He’s also in a movie called Easy Virtue (which I haven’t seen yet, but is on my Netflix queue as well). He’s a relative newcomer and I would argue that he’s not well-known, so that adds to my appeal, since I think it would be a shame to use big name actors in the Outlander movie (they just seem to get in the way, don’t you think?).

Jamie's always running his hands through his hair, making it stand on end...yes?

Oh, and here’s some trivia that is completely irrelevant to the discussion at hand: he was 1 of 4 finalists for the role of Edward Cullen! I found that very interesting, and I think he would make a wonderful vampire (and I daresay he would be a much better actor than our beloved Rob Pattinson).

Anyhoo, I know Ben Barnes is a wild card and a total shot in the dark, but I do think he could play our 20-something Jamie (with a little prep) in an adaptation of Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber. Have I convinced you likewise? What do you think? I’m very interested to hear your opinions! Hey, if nothing else, I’ve given you some pretty pictures to look at, right? ;) And thanks again, Carla!

74 comments on “Casting Jamie Fraser in the Outlander Movie

  1. maria says:

    He is the best match I have seen by far!

  2. ChristieH says:

    I like the way yer thinking, lass, although I agree that the coloring is off – and who wants to mess with those dark brown eyes? Think he has a blue eyes, redheided brother?

  3. jayne martin says:

    Think you’ve totally nailed it; you give him a second look and you’re a gonner.

  4. Kathy says:

    I’m a great fan of the Narnia movies. Prince Caspian played by Ben Barnes was wonderful and lives up to the rep of Jamie as Protective and a Keeper of the Flame and All Things Good in his role. Yes, I can see him as the young Jamie (given a few physical characteristic changes–the hair and the eye color, of course, since those two things embody my image of Jamie. I’m still stuck on an older Jamie, though, since I, too, have him in my mind as an older man now in his fifties. And old fashioned as I am (and older, too), I still love Gerard Butler as the “older” Jamie, though–sigh, saw him in Beowulf and can’t get past that. But that is what it’s all about, eh? Our own imaginations. And yes, I also agree with you that I’d rather NOT see a movie at all than one hacked up to fit a time slot rather than depicting all that I loved about the books. And I don’t know HOW that all could be translated anyway into a film. I loved Gone with the Wind (book) and also love the movie (the original) and the fact that it translated so well into film. I don’t think Hollywood could do it again (since it hasn’t happened, IMHO, anyway, to date). Thanks for your thoughts; they’re always interesting and thought-provoking. AND they provide me with entertainment and a way to keep my interest alive during the Outlander book releases! I still don’t get why I am such a NUT about these books!!! Why do they grab us so hard and addictively??? Though I’m a voracious reader and have been since my girlhood days, it’s never happened to me like these Outlander books. Humph!!! Your “grandma” friend and admirer, Kathy

    • Carla says:


      Every day is a wonderful day where I am. Your reaction again is off mark.

      I VERY much agree that everyone enjoys a disparate vision of our hero and is VERY much so entitled.

      That you appreciate G. Butler is so much the better for him…..and you. That is not an issue.

      What struck me as inappropriate is your cliched evaluation of the lovely writer of this blog as a “20-something ‘sweet young thang’” incapable of “get”ting YOUR selection since she was not on board with YOUR choice of Butler…..all of which I found more than a tad condescending and certainly ill conceived on your part. Hence my reply.

      So, when any of us write anything at an open venue, we may expect that not all will agree, n’est pas? Hopefully, this clarifies–more than I initially wished and with greater specificity–my earlier, circular response to your commentary and, hopefully, concludes the issue with something to consider in thoughtful reflection.

      • Kathy Conley says:

        Bri, I meant no offense whatsoever to you. I’m an older person who appreciates the genuine “sweetness” of youth and a youthful outlook—I have granddaughters of much the same age. I enjoy their opinions and am delighted by their conversation and thoughts. My ‘cliched’ remark was not meant in any way to be condescending or to imply that you’re ‘incapable’ of understanding my viewpoint. Perhaps my age prevents me from sometimes expressing myself in a politically correct manner. If so, Bri, please accept my sincere apology. I truly meant it as a compliment, not a ‘cliched evaluation’ of you or your wonderful blog!

      • Kathy, I honestly took no offense at all! You don’t have to apologize because I knew that it was an innocent comment, so don’t worry about it. I couldn’t help but think “Ooch, how did this wee stramash happen? I dinna ken!” That was incredibly nerdy that I just admitted to that, but we need a little something to lighten up the mood around here, so I’ll take one for the team ;)

  5. Carla says:

    At last…..the REVEAL!

    Beautiful Ben is in Japan today, fronting the Japanese dubbed premiere of “Voyage of the Dawn Treader.” Caspian is not a character in the 1st Narnia franchise film, so neither is Ben. Ben plays the lead in the 2nd film “PC” and is a lead in the 3rd film “VDT.”

    His naturally brunette locks have a reddish cast, so a color change would be compatible with his coloration and, while those dark eyes are compelling, blue contacts should be quite intriguing. Moreover, few Caucasian men in film can claim those angled eyes. Further, his voice is PERFECT.

    Christie H……Funny that you ask…..yep, Ben has a younger, also handsome brother, but that brother is not an actor and sports lighter brown hair. Just the two of them in the Barnes family.

    I urge all of you to view “Dorian Gray” both for the well acted drama of this original take on Wilde’s only novel and for the stunning clothing tailor-made for Ben. His 2011 film “Killing Bono,” a comedy of sorts based upon the book and in which he sports an Irish accent, will be released on April 1st in the UK. Mr. Barnes isn’t just a one-trick-pony; he sings very well and plays piano and drums. He sang much of the track for “Easy Virtue,” plays piano in “Dorian Gray,” and rocks out in “Killing Bono.”

    Several years ago, when “Outlander” film rights again were up for grabs, I suggested to Diana Gabaldon that she shop BBC for a mini-series…..who better to transform period drama? She entertained that suggestion on her website. I remain convinced that a mini-series would be the most favorable environment for “Outlander.”

  6. I’m so excited!! I just have to say, I further convinced MYSELF of his ability to play Jamie when I was going through photos to make this post :)

    Jayne- One look and I’d be a goner for sure…that face alone would be reason enough for Claire to stay in the 1700’s!

    Kathy- I think I’ve gotten over the weirdness of reverting back to young Jamie…I’m smitten with Mr. Barnes at the moment. I need to watch the Beowulf film with Gerard Butler because I know he has a HUGE following of Outlander fans, but he has just never done anything for me. Maybe that movie will turn over a new leaf for me.

    Carla- Well, I guess the fact that he wasn’t even in the first Narnia film explains why I don’t remember him!! Ha! Thanks for the additional info, I did not know that he sings throughout Easy Virtue…moving that one to the top of my list! And I forgot to mention that speaking voice…*sigh* I’m sold!

    • Kathy says:

      Can’t say that I blame you for not entertaining GB as an older Jamie portrayer. You being a 20-something “sweet young thang” probably wouldn’t get GB as a heartthrob, anyway, so OK, I understand. And I do understand your smitten-ness with Ben Barnes–he IS adorable and I am totally able to see him as a young Jamie. :) I love all the ideas coming out and really like the idea of BBC taking on the task of transforming the books into a series, perhaps??!! Thanks for your response–BTW, bought the bath towel and trim for the bath apron — gonna start it next week. LOVE that idea!! Grandma Kathy

      • Kathy, you have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that you are going to make a bath apron!! Yay!! I just hope it’s actually helpful – my friend’s baby has decided he’s perfectly content where he is and has yet to make his debut appearance, so she hasn’t tested it out yet! You should send me pics when you get it finished.
        I actually do think Gerard Butler is attractive, he just dosen’t make me swoon ;) But I really want to see the Beowulf film that he’s in since so many Outlander fans love it. Ben Barnes though…*whew*… :)

      • Carla says:

        Kathy…..Can you not entertain the thought that visioning or NOT visioning Butler as Outlander’s hero possibly may have NOTHING to do with Butler’s current age or even the age of those suggesting actors for the role? Not everyone of any age might consider him suitable by reason of personal taste. Frankly, I personally never have found his puffy cheeks and voice sounding like it’s being sieved through Scots pebbles attractive and thus wouldn’t consider him for this role young or mature…..NOT EVER. His Scots contemporaries Dougray Scott and Ewan McGregor are FAR MORE physically attractive and have better speaking voices than Gerard Butler, but, like Butler, now are too long in the tooth to be considered for YOUNG Jamie. I doubt that anyone would have suggested Butler for the role–young or mature–if he were not a Scots with an accent. Frankly, that’s not enough.

        I’ve seen Butler in many roles and would propose that he was more at the top of his game ten years ago in “Attila.” 2005’s “Beowolf and Grendel” was a disappointing film with a limited script and only the Iceland shots for interest. I say this as a formal student of the eddas and sagas and from the perspective of having lived a year in Iceland.

        Again…..viewing any actor as a “heart throb” is a matter of TASTE–NOT of AGE.

      • I don’t think Kathy meant anything by that comment, I took no offense whatsoever. We all have our own mental image of Jamie, regardless of age. Whatever floats your boat, right?

      • Kathy says:

        Thanks, Bri. I was thinking all day if I should respond to Carla or not. Had decided not to as I really just thought ‘whatever’! I meant no offense to _anyone_–it was just an opinion and everyone’s responses to any of these characters is really subjective based on our own experiences, ages, exposures to life, etc. Really nice of you to answer, though. I felt a little bewildered by Carla’s response and thought maybe she had a bad day. No offence meant to you, Carla, hope you didn’t mean your answer as aggressive as it came across to me. I really like this blog and the various people who answer to it. Your Ben Barnes suggestion was great, and I do also like Doughray and especially Ewan MacGregor (how about for Lord John), too. Hope you have calmed down, lassie!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and whomever thumps your little hearts. KC

  7. Mimi says:

    Yes! He would be great!!! Never heard of him before, but he fits the description :)

  8. Joan says:

    Now I have to go watch Dorian Gray!

  9. Diane says:

    Gerard Butler is dreamy, and I imagine him as Jamie when I read the books. He could be made to look younger, and he’s perfect for the older Jamie.

  10. Nah says:

    Way too dark, would look weird as a redhead. The only person that should be cast as Jamie is Chris Hemsworth. His face and coloring is perfect. After Thor he is going to be huge with the male ( and female audience.) Casting him would be brilliant. And before anyone says anything, Robert Downey Jr is doing Iron man, The Avengers and Sherlock Holmes so I think Chris could do the same.

    I personally hope to see our beloved series on the big screen. It would have a bigger budget, better cast and would annihilate at the Oscars.

    • Heidi says:

      I absolutely agree, Chris Hemsworth IS Jamie (as he looks in Thor!) He has the height, the coloring and the slanted eyes – PERFECTION <3, lol. I do agree with previous posts that the books might be better served in a "miniseries" forum on HBO or Showtime, although I would love to see it on the big screen…I think a commitment of no less than 3 movies would be a must.
      I also agree with your next post, Nah…Gerard Butler would be an awesome Dougal!
      Rachel McAdams is my pic for Claire…she is beautiful; strong and vulnerable all at once.
      And crazy as it sounds, Taylor Swift is 5'10", has red hair, slanted eyes, lots of attitude, and if she can act (small detail, lol) she'd be the perfect Bree!
      And crazy as it sounds, I think at 6'3" John Krasinski would make a great Roger! He's tall and handsome and has that "college professor" look about him :). Michael Cassidy (6')is also a great contender for Roger.
      That's my two cents worth of input on the casting of this awesome series of books!

  11. Nah says:

    oh and Gerard Butler is Dougal. No if’s ands or buts :)

  12. Meghan says:

    I read the Outlander series years ago, when Drums of Autumn had just been released and recently dove back into them and finished the remaining books I had not read, including listening to Echo in the Bone through (which I really recommend since the narrator is spot on with the accents and inflection). So, of course, I had to search online if the rumors were true and a movie was really in the works. I have to say that I agree, a series would be so much better, even for those that haven’t read the novels. I love reading whom everyone thinks should be cast too and there are so many good ideas. What about Daniel Craig for Jamie and Rachel McAdams for Claire? I haven’t seen these recommended anywhere and after seeing the recent James Bond movies and reading the books again I started to imagine Daniel Craig resembling Jamie but with red hair of course… And then Rachel McAdams. I know she has the feistiness and also femininity that Claire exudes and can carry off the dark brunette look as well. She also seems like someone that can be aged well through make-up and still look beautiful. I did see a recommendation somewhere else for Kate Beckinsale as Claire and I think she is equally beautiful and able to portray Claire’s qualities well. I’d love to hear feedback from anyone

    • Hi Meghan! Wow, there must’ve been a glitch in WordPress because your comment just now showed up, but it’s dated 5 days ago? Weird…I’m sorry for the delay! Anyhoo, I actually really, really like the Rachel McAdams suggestion and haven’t heard it before! I think she’s a good actress, definitely has the spunk and feistiness, I could see her as Claire. Physically, she fits the bill perfectly, and I’m sure she can do an English accent (a lot of fanatics think that the part should only go to an English actress…I go back and forth on the issue…but I think ultimately it won’t matter as long as the entire project is done tastefully and stays true to the books).
      Daniel Craig…that’s an interesting one. He would have to play older Jamie. I do like him and he’s attractive in a very ruggedy sort of way but I’d have to see him with red hair to see if he could pull it off ;) I am still hung up on Alexander Skarsgard…he’s my mental Jamie when I’m reading :)
      I’ve listened to Outlander on audiobook and I’m going to start on Dragonfly in Amber soon, I agree that it’s a wonderful and different way to enjoy the series. Thanks for stopping by and I’m sorry for getting back to you so late!

  13. Jodie says:

    Hello – I am reading these amazing books again after 10 years and I really have never had Jamie out of my mind. After seeing the trailers for Thor – Chris Hemsworth could be our Jamie!!! I agree on Gerard Butler as Dougal but I don’t think Daniel Craig would suit as Jamie.

    • I think I need to break down and watch Thor because SO MANY people cite Chris Hemsworth as Jamie! The pics that come up when I google him don’t entice me at all…I guess I need to see him in action!

  14. Me again says:

    I can not understand why people are so hung up on Gerard Butler being Jamie. Even when he was younger he looked NOTHING like Jamie. I think the only reason why people suggest him is because he’s the hot Scottish actor of the moment.

    • bec says:

      I definitely agree. Everybody seems to be forgetting Kevin McKidd. He is the closeset image of Jamie we will ever see.

      • Marilyn says:

        Y’know…I was watching “Dog Soldiers” (2002) a few nights ago..and Kevin McKidd just WOWED me…I was completely unaware of him as I don’t watch many movies and TV even less. But as soon as I saw him I just couldn’t get Jamie outta my head…Yeah…he’d work mighty fine in the role of Jamie (in my most humble opinion)…awesome actor! Still gotta add…Chris Hemsworth is my first “wanna see” choice. I dunno…maybe I’ve entered into that area where your vision is no longer broadened..and y’can’t see the forest for the trees.

  15. liliana says:

    I must say that Ben Barnes is nice to look at but, I must insist on seeing someone who better fits his description. Like perhaps actor Chris Hemsworth he could very well pull of all three stages of Jamie’s age from his twenties to his fifties, from his height to the color and shape of his eyes, not to mention the sculpture of a body he has note (THOR) This is just a thought mind you.

  16. Marilyn says:

    Anyone who reads the Outlander Series will visualize how Jamie and Claire should look in their minds eye. Chris Hemsworth does it for me – -hands down, THE perfect Jamie…(with his younger brother Liam Hemsworth playing a young Jamie). Keri Russell wouldn’t be bad as Claire – – she already has the curly hair (lol)… although there are so many other great choices as well. Gerard Butler would be a magnificent Dougal. Christian Bale as Colum possibly?? Charize Theron would portray Geillis Duncan perfectly.

    In my humble opinion, as much as I’d love to see these books made into a Cinematic Production….I feel Cinematic production of Outlander would be a catastrophe. There’s just no budget to properly bring these books to their true Cinematic light….better to make them an HBO or SHO Series.

  17. Jeanie says:

    I just can’t see ANYONE as Jamie other then Chris Hemsworth.. but I liked your artical until you made the REMARK against Rob. How could you??? after that crack.. I decided I didn’t like your ideas at all.. LOL

    • Oh come on, you know I love me some Rob Pattinson! I can talk trash about him all day and yet I still watch all of his movies and still have an Edward Cullen poster in my closet…something to be said there ;)

  18. Jeanie says: are crackin me up girl. i have a rob calendar on the wall across from my bed.. what a dweeb.. me, not Rob>> lol.. love this kid.
    love the twilights.. books and movies. but hey.. i still think Chris is Jamie.. i am even starting to see him as such on my third reading of outlander books.

  19. Marilyn says:

    Chris Hemsworth has two brothers…(Liam and Luke). All three are Actors. I cannot lay claim to the idea(s) of Chris Hemsworth as Jamie…Gerard Butler as Dougal, or Charlize Thereon as Geillis Duncan…I found those character choices on this video..

  20. Jamie says:

    How about Sam Worthington as Jamie Fraser? I am not sure of how old Sam is at the moment, but he could possibly play a 23 year old.

  21. Marilyn says:

    Ben Barnes as Jamie?? Certainly can’t see THAT! Oh, he’s a pretty boy alright…but far, FAR from capable of pulling off (much less managing) the commanding and overwhelming personality of James Fraser. Sorry but for me, the idea is ludicrous. Better a less demanding part like the mature Ian Murray…or possibly Roger MacKenzie…but even as Roger…that might be too much for our fair Ben.

  22. theohara says:

    ok, I know many are going to say he’s not a real actor based on his most recent role, but looks-wise has anyone considered Kellan Lutz? He’s got the body and the eyes.

    • Marilyn says:

      I’m anxious to see K. Lutz in “Immortals” as he seems to fit the part (of a god) in full makeup. He really looks authentic. But there’s a broad spectrum between looking great (in Character) and haivng the acting personality of Jamie. As you say, in costume and make-up, he probably could pull off a good Jamie appearance…however I’m on the fence as to his acting abilities in such a demanding role of our beloved James Fraser.

  23. Dyane Morgan says:

    In reading the books, in my imagination, in my dreams and when ever hearing the name….Gerard Butler IS Jamie for me. Even if they make the movie when he’s 50 or 60, I won’t care and I’m sure Claire wouldn’t either.

    • Marilyn says:

      As much as I adore G. Butler…as much as he makes my heart go “pitty pat”…I personally doubt if I would be visualizing or feeling my beloved Jamie should yummy Mr. Butler be honored with that role…I’d be seeing Gerard!! For me, he just doesn’t fit the bill as Jamie…but rather more “Dougal” . Yeah….G. Butler would be an outstanding Dougal.

      • Lira says:

        I agree Butler is good “but” He’s a little older now, so I’m thinking maybe one of the uncles. Chris Hemsworth is a better Jamie, I don’t think Jamie should be too pretty I think of him as very handsome with a wee bit rogue. Lira

  24. Adam says:

    The character of Jamie would lose much appeal if the actor were not at least 6’4 in height. Throughout the series he is frequently described as towering over even tall men. Gerard Butler is 6’2, Ben Barnes looks to be 6’0 at best not even tall enough to play Roger. another possible choice is to consider someone like Jared Padalecki who is 6’4 blue eyes and an experienced actor. He could play a young Jamie and the ideal choice for an older Jamie is Liam Neeson who is also 6”4. if Jamie is played by anyone under 6’3 he will lose the Viking like appeal and his take down any enemy warrior appeal will be unbelievable. I am scarcely 6’0 my self and so are most people in my family. We almost always come out taller than most people anywhere we go, but always pause and stare when a 6’4 or taller individual makes us feel 5’5. I hope any producers out there immediately scratch off any candidate who is not at least a believable James Fraser. My first pick is still Chris Hemsworth who could pull off both a young and older Jamie. After that Thor nonsense Chris is what people think of when they hear the word Viking.

  25. Adam says:

    He is only 5’9

    • jeanie says:

      Nope Adam..ff Chris Hemsworth isn’t Jamie, no one is.. there are 5 charcters from these books.. Clair, Jamie, Ian, Roger and Brianna.. if this is ever made into a movie or tv series.. those 5 people better be super cool.. that’s all i have to say. Diana wrote them so wonderful, so the actors that do them had better be these people..

      • Marilyn says:

        …gads Jeanie, you’re so stuck on Chris…I love it! Arent’ ya glad I turned ya on to DG’s books? Never thought you’d read such a long series, much less REread them as soon as you finished them the first time through…I mean considering the size of them and all. I couldn’t agree with ya more (I guess since I initially told YOU about CH… When I visualize Jamie…someone that looks similar to Chris Hemsworth comes to my mind…Since I don’t watch much TV, or movies…it was just by chance that I happened upon that poster of Chris (as a sledge-hammering Thor in the rain) that I melted and it all came careening together.

      • Jeanie says:

        …gads marilyn.. yuppers… I be stuck on Chris. no doubt about it.. he IS Jamie to me. everything about him is right. are you listening Chris?? eh??? and yes.. i love you for my 3 outlander books that you lovingly sent me and got me started with.. i just love these books probably more then i do twilight>?? eeeeee.. did i just say that??? ignore it.. just flippin ignore it.. i am looney.. ok.. i love it as much.. noper.. more.. my outlander series is my favorite book or series to date.. come on Diana,, get your butt in gear.. you listening Diana?? eh??? :)

    • Eleivana says:

      Who is only 5’9″?

  26. Adam says:

    Brandon Routh 6″3 as Roger

  27. Mary says:

    Nicholas Hoult is 6’4″ and perfect! Can’t believe he grew up to look like that!!!!

  28. heather says:

    Just watched “Drive” A red Ryan Gosling is just the ticket for JF. cat slant eyes, impassive face, athletic, tall, smart and oh….HOTTT!

  29. Jackie says:

    Just finished watching a BBC series, “The Fades” and spotted Tom Ellis….his facial features remind me of Jamie, and his body is slim, but muscular. He’s Welsh, but could probably pull off the Scots accent. He’s 6’3”. Dark hair (That’s what dye is for) and brown eyes, (that’s what contacts are for), but he does have the “cat’s eyes” thing going on. Did I mention that he’s ruggedly handsome? He could easily pull off younger Jamie…..

    • Marilyn says:

      hmmmmm….certainly can’t see Tom Ellis portraying Jamie. Try as I might…images just won’t come. I’m still pullin’ for Chris Hemsworth OR Scottish born Kevin McKidd…(no dye or contacts for these gorgeous hunks are needed). I’m feelin’ the love for K. McKidd, who might have more to offer over Chris Hemsworth as far as being a more “seasoned” actor. Ever see him in Dog Soliders??!? Yowza!!!!

  30. Kellie says:

    Do you think he’s masculine enough? I know this is an old post/conversation, but I picture Jamie as very masculine and strong, Ben just seems a bit boyish.

    I so hope they do some sort of screen adaptation. A mini-series would be awesome.

  31. Kellie says:

    Oh a big YES to Chris Hemsworth mmmm manly. Now there’s a good idea.

  32. Marilyn says:

    I was visiting DG’s website and read that book 8 is scheduled for early 2013 :( …and it’s lookin’ like there could be a book 9!! Woohooooo!!!!

  33. Lira says:

    I’v just seen the movie Snowwhite and the Huntsman, the huntsman Chris Hemsworth would be the perfect Jamie all 6’2 and eyes of blue. Check him out lasses and lads. Lira

  34. Annie O says:

    I like this guy better: # 11 and 69.

  35. Eleivana says:

    I am in total agreement on Chris Hemsworth as Jamie. He is 6’3″ and weighed 220lbs in Thor. As described in the Outlander series Jamie is 6’4″ and 15 stone or 210 lbs. An inch in height difference is a ‘verra wee thing’ and can be accommodated with the sole of a simple boot He has the slanted blue ‘cat eyes’ and a relatively long straight nose, a sensual mouth and somewhat broad flat cheek bones. Besides this he has that certain something I can’t quite describe in his personality that emerged in his portrayal of Thor (the movie). Slightly teasing and tender while being very virile and male. While matching physical characteristics are important , Chris Hemsowths’ personality may be the most compelling quality that I feel qualifies him for this role.
    I am amazed at suggestions for pretty boy models without acting experience or an actor simply because of Scottish heritage. I am further amazed when actors are discounted because they have the wrong hair color! Really? What country does not have hair coloring technology?
    While the author DG is not crazy about this actor for portrayal of Jamie Fraser ( she says he has a ‘pug face’ huh?) and is not fond of ‘widows peaks in men’ I think he would be perfect. Someone mentioned Kellan Lutz and he has similar good looks as well but would, IMHO, not be my first choice.
    In addition it would be much easier to get a young actor and age him appropriately for all the books after the first book in which he is forty something than to use an already 40 or 50 something actor and attempt to make him a believable virile 24 year old for the first book in the series. I also think it is important to use the same actor for Jamie’s role throughout a miniseries if one ever develops. It is usually only believable to use two actors for one character role when there is a large gap in ages for their portrayal. For example using a child actor and a full grown adult for a lifetime portrayal of a character

    For Claire (5’6″ in height, 126 lbs). there are many good choices. Somehow, while reading the books (4th time through the series) I usually pictured Rachael Weicz in that role. Dark haired, amber eyes etc. She is 42 at present. However when it comes to women actors I believe that they are often able to pull off younger roles with ease. Think reverse dog years and the available resources to keep them looking younger. As Claire is older than Jamie , Rachael could pull off scenes with Chris Hemsworth giving you that vague sense she IS older without being unbelievable. Her real age would pose no problem after book one. Kate Beckinsale at 39 years old would be another choice and both of these ladies are natural Brits. Both actresses have hazel eyes (greens, browns, golds) and since Claires’ eye color is such a unique feature according to the books, (not sherry but whiskey colored) or presumably an amber or gold color, some makeup help might be needed for the close ups.Rachel Weicz is 5’6 or 5’7″ and 128 lbs while Kate Beckinsale is 5’5″ or 5’6″ and 120-125 lbs. Rachel McAdams and Haley Atwell would also be good contenders for Claire. There are obviously as many internal images of these beloved characters as there are dedicated readers, hence there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choices
    These are my choices and my rationale for choosing them.

    • Eleivana says:

      I just had a look at an actor that played the part of Jamie in the Outlander Musical which I just saw parts of on YouTube. This actor, Allan Scott Douglas, is someone that Diana Gabaldon has made a bit of a fuss over on her website as being close to the image she has of Jamie. With all due respect to DG and her marvelous fiction, I was flabbergasted when I saw this guy. I can’t imagine anyone less like Jamie than this poor actor. Pale, skinny legs, narrow shoulders, a bit of a double chin, rather bulbous nose, somewhat soft through the middle. I am sure he is a fine, fine man with a good singing voice but really? I almost wept. I can’t wrap my head around the Jamie that DG writes about so eloquently and this actor and what she thinks of him. I am not alone I guess because the question came up on another web site and the poor guy was universally voted down.
      Let us pray………………………….

    • I just recently got around to watching Snow White and the Huntsman and I really enjoyed Mr. Hemsworth. I couldn’t tell what type of accent he was doing…sometimes it sounded Scottish and other times it didn’t. And I completely agree with you that he is able to be genuinely funny, charming, and teasing, while maintaining the manliness. He looked verra nice in that last scene during Snow White’s coronation, I just wish we could’ve seen more of that!

  36. Eleivana says:

    I think the accent is supposed to be Scottish ;) Not over the top but discernible. As an aside, Chris Hemsworth was voted on by a majority for the actor to play Jamie in any future Outlander portrayal in a Facebook poll- For what its worth.

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