The Garden Scene

I’m reading An Echo in the Bone right now. I know, you’re probably thinking “What?! You have a blog practically dedicated to your love for Jamie Fraser and you haven’t even read book 7???”  I put it off and put it off because the thought of being finished, with no new books for the next 2 years, terrified me. I still don’t know how I will cope with the withdrawal, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I will have an appropriately detailed review of this mind-blowing novel when I’m finished, but for now…I just had to tell someone…I read the Garden Scene. *Sigh* For those of you who have read it, you KNOW what I mean. I think I need to step outside, where it’s freezing, and just cool off for a bit…

9 comments on “The Garden Scene

  1. ChristieH says:

    Hahaha… Well, all I have to say is – enjoy yourself, lassie – you’re in for a wild ride! Let us know when you finish and we’ll all lament together!

  2. Kathy says:

    I know what you mean!! I’m the same way, Sassenach! I can’t STAND STAND STAND that I’m out of books until Diana publishes Book 8. I’ve done the “Lord John” (whom I do love), but they are not really a toothy-eoungh substitute for Jamie and Claire, et al. I even bought Lord John Grey tea (from the Old Wilmington Tea Co)to see if it would help. It did NOT! Yes, do let us know when you finish and feel you MUST discuss the end. OMG!! Have fun!

    • Oh, you made me laugh out loud with your exclamation of how the Lord John Grey tea did not ease the withdrawal!! Too funny (although I still want some!) :) I’m almost finished- about 100 pages to go- and I will definitely need to discuss!!

  3. Oh man…just noticed that I replied to both comments with almost the exact same sentence…can we just chalk up my mindlessness to the only-one-week-left-until-Christmas craziness? Please forgive me, ladies ;)

  4. ira lee says:

    i have the perfect idea. my super geeky husband downloaded the audio books for me and i am addicted!! i have picked up so much more that i did reading (always the case for me). he got me all of them and loaded them on the ipod. the voice actor is great, she reads as claire, and throws in different accents for dif characters. im always leary about audio books but this chick is G O O D!!!

    • I plan on listening to them all after I’ve finished reading them- I know I’ll have separation anxiety/withdrawal symptoms if I don’t! I have a long commute, so the audio books should make it go by like a flash! ;) I have heard many great things about the narrator (I think her name is Davina Porter?) and I am most excited to get started on them!

  5. Karen Henry says:

    That scene in the garden is one of my favorites from ECHO, no question! :-)

    I just wanted to reiterate my invitation for you to come over to the Compuserve Books and Writers Community ( when you’ve finished ECHO. That’s the online community where Diana hangs out. We’re ALWAYS happy to discuss the books there, in as much detail as you like.


    • I will definitely make it over to Compuserve when I finish Echo and return home after the holidays (I’ll be in the mountains and most likely won’t have access to the internet). I’ve peeked in a few times, but (this may sound silly) I always feel intimidated by it because I don’t really know how it works. If I get super confused, can you give me a tutorial? :)
      Thanks again for the invite, I’ll see you there soon!

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