Just another example of how Outlander consumes my thoughts…

I bought these shoes a long time ago, wore them once or twice, and then forgot about them in the back of my closet. However, reading the Outlander series has given them new meaning. Other people may see red plaid shoes, but I see Jamie Fraser. Oh, silly me.

9 comments on “Just another example of how Outlander consumes my thoughts…

  1. T.Y. says:

    This is scary…I have the same exact shoes! And I bought them specifically because they remind me of Outlander! You must be my sister from another mister.

  2. Julie says:

    Love them!! I would wear them just to feel close to him!

  3. Julia says:


  4. Carla says:

    Claire should have those….and, speaking of Claire, I’d like to send you a photo and the ID of an actress who should play Claire, but I need an e-mail address to do so. I’m the one Carol (My OUTLANDER Purgatory) mentioned provided her the Richard Armitage/Frank-Jack connection. I’ve e-mailed RA’s London agent and that of the actress as well to suggest that their clients should be offered for these roles to the L.A. based company with the film rights.

    • I would love to see your suggestion for Claire! My address is bluemoonmagnolia@gmail.com. I agree that Richard Armitage would be perfect for Frank/Jack, he’s turning into a new crush for me (my poor husband…). Have you heard back from their agents?

      • Carla says:

        No and I do not expect a personal response from those agents. What I hope for in response is to see that an effort is made to place my picks! So far, I’ve also e-mailed two other agents representing two other actors I’d like to see on screen for this film and now I’m considering sending a copy of the book with a note to the actor I’d like to see as Jamie even though I e-mailed his London agent a month ago.

        I’ll e-mail you!

  5. Constance says:

    Have the same shoes! They make me happy. My grandfather came to U.S. from Scotland when a young man, but alas he was a man from Bo’ness close to Edinburgh not a highlander!

  6. Constance says:

    And as far as who should play Jamie and Claire. My idea and I am stuck on it – is to have the British actor Laurence Fox as Jamie. He has the height and I believe he has the skill to play the part. In his Inspector Lewis series when he turns his head I see Jamie. No cat eyes but that can be fixed as well as red hair.

    For Claire I have always seen Kate Beckinsale playing her. Happy to hear what other think?

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