I heart Halloween

I had an incredible idea this year for a “couples costume,” but the hubs got sick and refused to dress up…and I couldn’t complain since he was actually really sick, so I had to throw something else together last-minute. (I purchased 30 yards of fabric for said couples costume, so I will be finishing it soon…and we’ll buck tradition and get dressed up in November!) Since I made a Medusa costume a few weeks ago for Bridget, it was fresh on my mind and I whipped this one together Friday night. Jessica and I worked together to create her amazing Mad Hatter costume.

We went to a party hosted by a group of artists. Parties at artists’ houses are awesome for a variety of reasons…delicious bean dip with homemade Halloween motif tortilla chips (tombstones, arching cats, ghosts, etc.), detailed spooky haunted house decorations, full body leotards airbrushed to look like Slim Goodbody, and giant swans…

We really loved the swan…

Thanks again Rachel!!!!

2 comments on “I heart Halloween

  1. Rachel says:

    Still the craziest thing he has in his house! But lots of fun to dance around. I was Bruce the shark for halloween. I am glad you could come!

  2. wintergurl says:

    Nice to meet u , both of u have .Good .

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