I’ve got a visual on Lord John Grey…

The entire time I was reading the first 6 books in the Outlander series, I had a very vague mental image of Lord John. And it wasn’t good. For whatever reason, I pictured him as small, weak, blonde-verging-on-gray, and sort of old. Several of my Outlander-obsessed blogging friends cast actors as the characters in the books and it seems a lot of people agree that Jude Law would make a good Lord John. After having read the Lord John series, I now feel wonderfully relieved to have my own mental image…and he’s hot! I’ve decided to play my own hand at the casting game. 

Several months ago, my husband and I rented The Crazies. (I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it actually wasn’t bad.) I found myself being utterly blown away by the gorgeous blue eyes of the actor who played the deputy, so much so that I looked him up. I realized that he was the same actor who played Henry Austen in Becoming Jane (amazing movie, I guess I was too distracted by James McAvoy to notice anyone else in the film). His name is Joe Anderson and while I was becoming reacquainted with Major Grey during the Lord John novels, it hit me that he fits the description perfectly! Shorter stature, lean build, blonde hair, English, slightly feminine yet still a head-turner, and beautiful, big, blue eyes. What do you think? 

This is exactly how I imagine Lord John. Sexy man overload in these pictures!!



10 comments on “I’ve got a visual on Lord John Grey…

  1. Bridget says:

    THANK YOU for these pictures.. omg, totally lust-worthy and I can definitely see him as Lord John (though I always pictured him a little older as well).. *swoon*!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I agree. Just looking at the picture you posted, he could be Lord John.

  3. T.Y. says:

    The perfect Lord John. I like him better than Jude Law because he’s an unknown. Movie stars get in the way of my imagination. Kudos!

    • Yay! Casting is fun! I agree that well known actors seem to carry a bit of baggage and I hope they use all unknown actors if they ever actually make the Outlander movie. I couldn’t find any close up color shots of him in historical garb, so you can’t see the color of his eyes, but they are SO gorgeous :)

  4. Sirena says:

    Oh, I love this casting idea! Nice suggestion. I too remember James MacAvoy much more clearly than this guy :-) Speaking of which, I wonder there must be a place in the Outlander series for the amazing James MacAvoy, and if so, where?

    • I agree that Mr. McAvoy should definitely have a role in Outlander! Not only is he gorgeous, but he’s a true Scot! I fell in love with him (and Ewan McGregor-another Scot that I think should have a part) long before I discovered the Outlander series and I’ve been trying to figure out where he could fit in from the very beginning. He’s just so small, and all the Highlanders are just so big ;) Maybe they could use some movie magic to make him appear taller? I will definitely share if I have any lightbulb moments regarding his casting :)

  5. Sirena says:

    Oops, McAvoy :-)

  6. Judie says:

    I like your choice!!!!!!!

  7. […] Tea Company now has a Lord John Grey tea (click here)! I think I must have this, especially since Lord John and I are now good friends. No, seriously, what an awesome gift!? Husband, are you reading? *wink, wink* Published […]

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