Confirmation from DG Herself!

Diana Gabaldon wrote me back in regards to the nude painting that served as inspiration for Jamie’s naked behind¬†(see previous post)! She said “Yes, that’s it! How clever of you! [g]”

We have confirmation, ladies!!! Do you know how happy I am?! Can you tell that I’m beaming right now?! Did I mention she called me “clever?!” :)

5 comments on “Confirmation from DG Herself!

  1. maria c says:

    Thank for the laugh. Diana has made her character so real. I have not been to any on the site in her books but I do plan to visit them someday.

    • Hi! You should definitely visit some of the locations if you get a chance, you’ll feel like you know Jamie and Claire even more. And I completely agree, Diana G is a master at creating realistic characters!

  2. Kris Holtan says:

    I need to have this framed above my bed!

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