The actual inspiration for Jamie Fraser’s naked behind!

During her panel at Dragon*Con, Diana Gabaldon told us that while touring the National Gallery of Art in London, she saw a nude painting that made her think “that is what Jamie’s naked behind would look like.” It made such an impact that she sent a copy of the image to Mr. Nguyen to be used as a model for Jamie in the graphic novel. This obviously piqued my curiosity, and I meant to ask her exactly which painting she was referring to when I met her afterwards, but I was too starstruck and only managed to mumble about how amazing she is and how much I love the books.

Anyhoo, I did ask her later via her blog and she wrote me back!!! She said “It’s a postcard of a painting in the National Gallery in London. I don’t recall the artist’s name at the moment (and I’m not in the office where the postcard is), but it was titled something like, “A study for the Academy.” A male nude, seen from behind, standing with one arm over his head and a very tidy bottom.” I did a little searching and from the info that she was able to give me, I am pretty confident that it is the image posted below, titled An Académie.


Does anyone else find this insanely exciting?! I am so thrilled to get to see the inspiration for Jamie Fraser’s naked backside! Thank you, Diana!!

11 comments on “The actual inspiration for Jamie Fraser’s naked behind!

  1. Laura says:

    Thank you for doing the intense detective work necessary to solve this most pressing of mysteries. We at Outlander Book Club are forever in your debt!

    Really enjoyed reading your blog entries on The Man.


  2. Tracey R. says:

    Wow. Wowwie MacWow.

    Yes, I would say “tidy” describes it quite well…

    –Tracey :-)

  3. Bridget says:

    hubba hubba!! :P

  4. Diana Gabaldon wrote me back! She said “Yes, that’s it! How clever of you!” Confirmation! *beaming* :)

  5. Melody says:

    Hot! Thanks for finding this and posting.

  6. OutlanderFan says:

    I just stumbled across this- this is great! Thanks so much for posting!

  7. Cathy V says:

    num num num.

  8. Mairilaine says:

    Holy Cow!!! That’s one hawt piece of cheeze!!

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