Merry Christmas!!

My furry babies are staying with their grandparents for the time being, so I wasn’t able to take their annual Christmas photo this year. While this makes me very sad, I’m sure it makes Ruby and Levi very happy. I will, however, take this opportunity to look back on years past and share some pre-blog pics….

2009 - This was the infamous "Kitty Turtleneck," also nicknamed "The Children of the Corn"
2008 - Their first set of sweaters!

And if that wasn’t crazy enough…before I had Ruby and Levi, there was Rupert Hibbert the toad. You guessed it, he got dressed up for our Christmas card as well!


I hope I haven’t frightened anyone away, at least now you can say you’ve seen a toad dressed up as Santa, right? It’s a good thing I found some puppies shortly thereafter :)

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!

10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!!

  1. Merry christmas :-) Nice and funny photos :D Here in northern part of Norway we don`t have so much snow, it`s raining today :-( With only some hours each day when it is light outside I miss the snow very much – that makes it so much lighter. But inside the house we have christmastree and lots of lights, and we all looking forward to a cosy familyday together :-)

    1. It doesn’t look very festive outside here either, but all you need is a beautiful tree and a cozy home, so it sounds like you guys will have a wonderful day! I meant to tell you that I saw House Hunters International the other day and they were in Norway – it made me think of you :)

  2. Merry christmas bri! I’m sure Ruby and Levi miss you but are probably glad to get a year off, lol. Hope you and richie get to make it to east tenn. to see your family!

  3. I take my dog to Santa Paws every year for a photo — this year, he was particularly freaked out by the man in red, so he’s jumping off Santa’s lap mid-photo…so cute! I hope you had a great Christmas…Theresa

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